Retailers can upsell with digital signage

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To succeed today, brick and mortar retailers need to create strongly differentiated retail experiences. What can a retail environment create that online competitors such as Amazon cannot? The answer is obvious: an amazing, in-person experience. Video walls offer an unparalleled rich, immersive visual experience, and today there is almost no limit in terms of what can be achieved with a video wall to help a brick and mortar establishment differentiate its retail experience. Part of the appeal of a video wall in the retail environment is that unlike traditional merchandising options such as permanent retail fixtures, counters, acrylic displays etc., a video wall is inherently captivating and can always be fresh–simply by updating the content.

What are the next trends:

Targeted advertising was once considered science fiction. Now brands are starting to take advantage of presence detection or even facial detection and leveraging customer interactivity to customize campaigns. The addition of a powerful video wall is just the next logical step to an even more immersive and personal retail experience. Imagine you have an exhibit in front of you at a store, with product on display, but instead of having traditional fixtures with photos, or static design accompanying it, it has an attention-grabbing video wall showcasing videos and other interactive content, relevant to the product. That will capture the customer’s attention.  Read the full article here




Ellie ArbanasRetailers can upsell with digital signage