Proactive Maintenance guarantees
the highest ROI

Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Location Visits

The old adage, knowledge is power is spot on when it comes to field based technology. You’ve made a substantial technology investment with high expectations on an ROI. We will not only enlighten you as to what’s really going on in the field, we’ll fix anything we come across that isn’t working. How often we go can depend on the durability of your technology, the abuse from the environment, and the need for updates.

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Trip Report Summary

A wise man once said… ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’… and we couldn’t agree more; our reports always start and end with one. You can count on our team to take a snapshot of your display when we arrive to let you see what we found, and another one when we leave to show you what we accomplished.  We capture the highlights in a live web-based report so you can see the results and summary real-time.

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Repairs and Servicing as Required

Time is money, and when your field technology is running properly, the meter is running while customers pass by without receiving the message you worked so hard to deliver. That’s why you need a partner that can meet even the most stringent SLAs with a local team of certified technicians. We hold our technicians accountable for every job, so it’s not just completed, it’s done right.

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Store Compliance Evaluations

Store compliance is a major challenge in the marketplace that must be addressed in order to capitalize on your technology investment.  With our global team of field technicians, we can build a customizable survey plan that provides you with the intelligence, information and action plans required that meet your expectations  for full store visibility.

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